November 25, 2009

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thanks for following! love your posts

and your graphics on livejournal, damn gorgeous ♥


love yours too, that’s why i’m following ♥

if you mean the littlecigars, no they’re not mine :( i linked them because my userpic on tumblr is made by them. i agree they are damn gorgeous!

how was your day?

My boyfriend brought me to Kittylab! It was a pleasant surprise and I love the time we spent. The Hello Kitty ID cards are reaaally pretty and the whole experience = just so cool.

(via 472239364)

(via 472239364)

I love giraffes. What’s your favourite animal?


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Why, hello there. So do I. I’m oddly fascinated by giraffes. I can spend hours just gazing at them, a million thoughts running through my mind. Some of which include why their necks are so long, why their necks don’t ever break, why their eyes are so pretty, etc.

And will they ever sprain their necks?

November 24, 2009